Our company embarks on the unprecedented formulation of policies and procedures that aims to foster feasibility at both ends of the business. We highly agree to value respect for the individual through privacy protection, an ethical code of conduct, cordial interactions, and magnificent service provision for a satisfactory experience. To make the process easier for you, we have derived some of the main policies that could help you as well to understand our serious attitude towards work and how we deal with our customers. Have a look at the below-mentioned policies

Provision Of Credentials To Our Team

The customers must share the login credentials with our highly authorized team for quick progress in the work. You can share the information via message or email to allow our team members to enter the LMS portal without any turbulence. In case you fail to provide the credentials to us, we won’t be liable for any error, lack of quality, or any dissatisfaction that arises from our provided work.

Course Completion Deadline

We request you to share the proper details of the strict deadlines of the course for its completion at prime time. This will encourage our consultants to actively perform every task within the given time limit and allocate the available resources as per the urgency of the task. Our team is highly efficient in providing excellence in work through their efforts which may take some extra time to make sure high-quality deliverance of work.

No Direct Submissions

We avoid direct communication with academic institutions through appearances, social apps, audio, or video. Moreover, we restrict the students from directly submitting the notes provided by our consultants to you.

Unaccountable For Technical Issues

There are chances that you may face technical challenges during this academic process. We want to make it clear that our company is only responsible for the services that we mentioned on the website. In case you encounter any technical issues, we won’t be responsible for them.

Rule Of Friday

It is requested to all the customers who are here to place the order, make sure to share the urgency of the work with our authorized members of the team to avoid any discrepancy or delay in the work. Note that all the orders placed on Friday will be catered on the following Monday.